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If The Minutemen resistance, hasn`t had their talk with Mr.Drumpf. then high time. If you are going to be the Militia., then be the militia., and not henchmen ,for zionist jew, calling you to train isis, and all the other things, we all thought  were in americans  best interest. while here at home. the GUN has remained tucked away from crooks. there is  a saying, that some people fear success. could this be The White race? get these Jewish people away from your white money wth your gun.who is trump?with  in all of his  jewish  flavors of arse, as his cologne. if he can`t cancel the federal reserve, and print money  by congress, with silver and gold  printed on it -> the worth of that particular currency? what is he than less? to white people , it is hope.and they are correct.because other races as well voted for  trump.look at the amoeba would have beat out hillary clinton.she was the ultra zionist witch.the obama legacy  did much damage at home. But The Iranian deal is   Good .the sweetest. white people we are talking  about a new vein of babysweet crude oil. light and white.Iranians are like the white Muslims too ., the wealthiest. and the nasty people hate it. they hate whiteness. jews are highly  jealous of the prophesies as well .because it includes the gentile in the Court.imagine the hate  caused  by his own disobedience., i have seen no where in the bible that the white or gentile race will be eliminated., but instead be saved and placed with the very elect of god.if you got God  and the guns, which  people  say you got. then all  crooks posing as bankers lawyers for  bankers banker board of directors.  give them a constitutional ultimatum, either leave under their own congress, or allow manual removal. pick your poison. play time is over. Honestly  as a Blackman.,  Seeing all these people hedge on to Trump, and when he picked That Goldman sach Zionist jew, I said  Trump just  listened to a  jew, and this jew told him to slap the hell out of the patriot.because that`s what it felt like.I voted for trump, and i said  dag., I wonder what White people feel. Y`all are going to have to remove this  zionist jew bullshit, or die  by it. , and jews ruining America, is not on the list .I`m sorry i had to be so blunt., and to any anti semitie crap., i say  to the accusers :yebamoth98a: this is a jewish talmudic racist statement  hate crime , and blasphemy against God`s creation.Palestine is Semitic, and  Mostly Christian., and we see how the waring cowards destroyed that. White Christian  Race,America  belongs to you.i  salute ., and not the jew.And as for The White Christian gun., says it all[ jesus said,` the messiah  does not come with peace., but with a sword],you remove your problem. ., you got white snipers  ever where , you got what it takes .but only  crooks.have the goods on them.,.offer an option., remove yourself, and turn over evidence., and we hand you to the sheriff[not trained in israel],but with the high crimes you are guilty of, and probably having hit team protecting you, if you do not comply to militia.then the militia has the right  of war to blow their treasonous brains out. if a banker is a banker. then in america we have no problem,  you are well loved and well protected., but if you are a crook., posing as a banker, and ripping tax payers off., trump or no trump.  your fate rest with the militias. time to drain the swamp, time to kick the bums out.this is a Christian battle cry.

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Osama bin Laden Near Death in 2002 (from Dan Rather CBS) Aired on CBS Jan 28th, 2002 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Three questions for ya


#1 How many Buildings went down on 911?

#2 How many steel framed buildings in the entire history of the world ever came down due to fire?

#3 Where were the steel framed buildings that came down?


Answer honestly then Scroll down for answers...




Filming Cops

Ken Okeefe website

Patriots Question 911

I am the Face of Truth

Architects and Engineers for Truth

Military Officers for 911 Truth ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Firefighters for 911 Truth/

We Are Change.Org
Religious Leaders for 911 Truth
Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth/a>
Pilots for 911 Truth
Lawyers for 911 Truth
Veterans for 911 Truth
911 Truth Canada
911 Scholars for Truth and Justice

Christians for 911Truth

Political Leaders for 911 Truth
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Debunking the Debunkers


Ground Zero 911 dot Com

Answers to above questions

#1 answer is:  3


#2 answer is:  3


#3 answer is:  New York City on September 11th,  2001



Birth Certificates Proof of the Crowns Intent to place another into slavery



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