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Two former police officers were acquitted of all charges Monday in the 2011 beating death of a homeless man at a Fullerton, Calif., transit station.

It took a single day of deliberations for jurors to reach their verdicts regarding the culpability of former Fullerton Officer Manuel Ramos and former Cpl. Jay Cicinelli in the death of 37-year-old Kelly Thomas.

Ramos, the first police officer in Orange County to be charged with murder while on duty, was found not guilty of one count each of second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. Cicinelli was found not guilty of one count each of involuntary manslaughter and excessive use of force.

Charges against a third former Fullerton police officer, Joseph Wolfe, will be dropped in light of the not guilty verdicts, Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said outside the courtroom.

Reaction was emotional on both sides after the verdict was read. Ramos and Cicinelli began to cry when they were acquitted, with Cicinelli hugging his attorney. Thomas’ father, Ron, burst into tears, kicking or stomping his foot.

The Kelly Thomas Case: Timeline | Fullerton Police Ignored Misconduct, Report Finds

"Where do we really find justice any more in our justice system?" Ron Thomas said after the verdict. "It has been proven right here today that they will get away with it. They will get away with it."

The case ignited outrage in the community and led to the recall of three Fullerton City Council members, the departure of the city’s police chief and a scathing report that accused the department of ignoring misconduct among its ranks.

Dozens of people attended the trial each day wearing yellow ribbons and buttons bearing Thomas' image.

"It's a disappointing day. It's a sad day," Julie McDonnell, a concerned citizen and 22-year resident of Fullerton, said outside the courtroom. “Unfortunately, we didn’t get the outcome we wanted.”

The American Civil Liberties Union also called the verdict "disappointing."

“Today’s not guilty verdict in the criminal trial of Fullerton police officers Jay Cicinelli and Manuel Ramos, who were charged in the beating death of Kelly Thomas is disappointing, and demonstrates the need for civilian police review boards in Fullerton and elsewhere in Orange County,” said Hector Villagra, executive director of the ACLU of Southern California.

In a statement, the Fullerton police chief said he respects the jury’s decision and referenced changes made in his department since Thomas’ death.

“We respect the jury's verdict, and appreciate the consideration the jury gave to the evidence. We understand that there may be a wide variety of reactions to the verdict and encourage anybody who wishes to express their feelings to do so respectfully,” Chief Dan Hughes said.

“Over the course of the past two and a half years the City of Fullerton Police Department has taken significant steps to make it the best department possible. As Fullerton’s new Police Chief, I will make sure those efforts continue so that our police department serves the community with honor, integrity and professionalism."

Read: Kelly Thomas "Just Trying to Survive"

Jurors were handed the case on Jan. 9 and entered into deliberations on Monday, hours before the verdict came down.

The trial included five weeks of testimony highlighted by a key piece of surveillance video and audio recordings from the night of July 5, 2011, when Kelly Thomas encountered officers as they investigated a report of someone trying to break into vehicles near the Fullerton Transportation Center.

The video shows the confrontation escalate to violence involving six officers and Thomas, who suffered from schizophrenia. Thomas could be seen on the ground crying out for his father nearly 30 times, apologizing and begging for air.

Thomas struggled with officers, but only because he "was just trying to survive," the district attorney told jurors, adding that Thomas was never informed of intent to arrest him.

Thomas was taken to a hospital and placed on life support. He died at a hospital five days later.
Investigators later determined that Thomas was not responsible for the break-in attempts.

Read: Kelly Thomas Was "In Fight That He Started"

Defense attorneys claimed Thomas was a violent, unpredictable man who was to blame for the altercation because he was combative and ignored officers’ orders.

The coroner's report determined Thomas died from chest compression during the struggle.


Below is full video of cops beating this man to death...

Warning GRAPHIC!
CopWatchers org Kelly Thomas Murdered by Orange County police

Kelly Thomas Murdered by Fullerton police officers: Manuel Ramos, Jay Cicinelli, and Joseph Wolf. These bullies beat this man into a coma, and now walk free....NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!!!


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Cops Acquitted of Killing Kelly Thomas Could Face Federal Charges

f#ing thugs - their motto should be bully and beat to death.

The last thing any of us need is this murdering heartless scumbag getting his job back....

Kelly Thomas case: Chief to fight ex-cop's effort to win back job

Fullerton’s chief of police said he would fight an appeal from one of the officers acquitted in the death of Kelly Thomas to get his job back.

Jay Cicinelli was fired after being charged by Orange County prosecutors with involuntary manslaughter and excessive force in the 2011 death of the mentally ill homeless man.

His co-defendant Manuel Ramos, also a former Fullerton police officer, was charged with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter.

On Monday a Santa Ana jury found both of them not guilty of all charges.

Dan Hughes, Fullerton chief of police, said in a statement that his decision to fire Cicinelli is separate and unaffected by the acquittal.

“Former Police Officer Jay Cicinelli has alleged that he was wrongfully terminated and has demanded his job back," Hughes said. " I stand behind the employment decisions I have made."

Michael Schwartz, who was also his attorney in the criminal case, said Cicinelli’s appeal to win back his job is standard, but would not be commenting further because the process is ongoing.

This isn’t the first time Cicinelli has fought to get his old job back.

He sued the Los Angeles Police Department when the department tried to assign him a desk job after he was shot by a suspect in 1996 and lost an eye.

Police officials said his injuries were too severe to let him work patrol. The then-probationary patrol officer took the LAPD to court in an attempt to stay on as a patrol officer.

A subsequent two-year legal battle resulted in him receiving 70% of his salary, or nearly $40,000, in annual disability pension for the rest of his life from the city of Los Angeles. In 1998, he told The Times he would rather have returned to work as a patrol officer.

His pension almost came under review after the Los Angeles board overseeing fire and police pensions saw he was one of six officers involved in the struggle with Thomas. While pensioners are not forbidden to work, officials said the fact that he was working as a patrol officer raised questions about his disability status.

However, the board voted against launching such a review.

Hughes said he would fight Cicinelli’s attempt to work for the Fullerton Police Department through the administrative process.

Although a terminated employee has the opportunity to appeal his or her termination through an administrative appeal process,” Hughes said,  “I intend to vigorously defend my decisions.”

Kelly Thomas verdicts: Police monitoring for death threats

 A bit heavy-handed for a peaceful protest don't you think?

Hundreds Protest Acquittal Of Fullerton Officers In Homeless Man’s Beating Death

Fullerton Cop Who Beat Kelly Thomas to Death Arrested For Domestic ...

A former Fullerton police officer who beat  Kelly Thomas to death has once again found himself on the wrong side of the law. The question is will he face any consequences or is he still above the law?

Police responding to a report of a family disturbance arrested Manuel Ramos on July 16 after he allegedly assaulted a woman in the 3600 block of W. Oak Avenue.

Ramos, 41, was booked for misdemeanor domestic violence and has since posted $10,000 bail. The case remains under investigation by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

In January 2014, Ramos and former police corporal Jay Cicinelli were found not guilty of all charges in the 2011 beating death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless mentally ill man. Ramos had been charged with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter.

Fullerton Cop Who Beat Kelly Thomas to Death Arrested For Domestic ...



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