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Vineland Police Allow Dog to Maul Black Man Phillip White to Death - New Jersey VIDEOS

News report video also officer wants camera..

“Get him! Get him! Get him!”
Vineland, NJ — Early this morning, yet another video has emerged showing the heinous murder of Phillip White by Vineland Police.

As we reported last week, 32-year-old Phillip White died in police custody last Tuesday morning after being beaten by police and viciously mauled by a K-9.

The video released on Facebook shows more clearly that White was limp and unresponsive when officers yelled at the K-9 to “Get him!” One cop continued to inflict blows to White’s body as the dog mauled his face, chest and arms.

The cops roll the unconscious man onto his back, then scream at him to roll back over, the entire time letting the K-9 continue to maul White, who was, again, completely unresponsive.

At no point in the video does Phillip White show any sign of consciousness, let alone resisting arrest.

As the video progresses, White’s arm can be seen being shaken about as the dog tears into him, completely limp. The man capturing the video is pleading for the officers to stop their attack, screaming that he is unconscious.

“He’s knocked out!” screams the onlooker. But sadly, this was to no avail.

It is even less surprising now, with the emergence of this new video, that Vineland police attempted to confiscate the damning footage. Fortunately, they were not successful.

Residents in the area have identified one of the officers to arrive on the scene as Dion Colvin. Although Colvin did not participate, he stood by and watched Phillip White get brutally assaulted and ultimately killed. Members of the community are urging Officer Colvin to speak out against this heinous crime.

Will update this as more info comes in..

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Friendly Overseer : Protecting & serving the 'chet outta the BlackMan since day 1!

This was godawful and totally inexcusable!  WHAT WAS THE CHARGE AGAINST THIS MAN ANYWAY?  "Driving while black"?

This does absolutely NOBODY any good.  We're never gonna hear the end of this now.  For every black man that gets killed by white police, there are going to be at least 30 white people savagely killed by blacks.  But you'll never hear about it.

Normally I would post this to Facebook, but I don't want to stir up people anymore than necessary.

LOL~N @ 30 whites savagely killed by Blacks.

~~~~> Slaps Meth pipe out Stephen's lips & makes him crush it himself, like Dog The Bounty Hunter

I don't suppose you paid ANY ATTENTION WHATSOEVER to my initial comment, which was 

"This was godawful and totally inexcusable!  WHAT WAS THE CHARGE AGAINST THIS MAN ANYWAY?  "Driving while black"?"

No, you didn't pay any attention to that, did you EDOGZ818?  Shame on you for not paying attention, and leaping to the conclusion that I am a RASISS and  BIGGOTT, just because I am aware of the extent of black-on-white crime in America that almost always goes unreported.  You want to know to what extent it goes unreported?  Check here:

I saw it, but the whole "For every black man that gets killed by white police, there are going to be at least 30 white people savagely killed by blacks.  But you'll never hear about it." was sheer delusion.

Did you even try to click on that link I gave you?  Here it is again:

Here is another link for you:

and yet another:

If you find these links insufficient, I've got about 500 more you can click on to find out probably the most under-reported news of our current time, which is the rampant incidence of black-on-white violent crime.

Yes, I am well aware of how politically "incorrect" it is for me to say such things, but you know what?  I couldn't care less.  I despise political correctness, and in fact will deliberately research such taboo topics to uncover what it is they are hiding from us.  And that is often A LOT.

So don't accuse me of "sheer delusion".  I make sure I can substantiate anything that comes out of my mouth, before I say it.

Can you blame them for not engaging in Black on Black crime?

Every Black person in America is a crime victim...daily, although I do sympathize with ANY crime victim that doesn't deserve it.

Stats are or can be skewered.

Are you telling me that White people are never victims themselves?  Are you at all familiar with "Affirmative Action"?  This is a polite term for REVERSE RACISM, which makes it politically "correct" to discriminate against white people in favor of much less-qualified blacks for the same jobs.  It's been going on here since for about 35 years now, and there is no end to it in sight.

But I guess in your mind this is justified, because everybody knows White people are the biggest racists on the planet.  Never mind that Jews were the ones who brought the blacks over here from Africa.  That was a serious mistake.  Only 2% of white population in the ante-Bellum South ever owned ANY slaves.  And in fact, it was White Irish men and women were were the FIRST slaves in America, brought over here by English aristocrats, and treated FAR worse than any black person ever was.

See "They Were White and They Were Slaves", by Michael Hoffman II.

But none of this matters, I'm a bigot and a racist for pointing all of this out.  White people really just need to DIE, right?  The world will be a better place for it.  No more white supremacists running everything.  No more racial discrimination in hiring.  True justice and equality for all the races.  Except the White Race.  They should all die and just go to hell.


I heard the whole "Irish were treated worse than Blacks" routine.

If Whites are victims of Black crime, they are victims of their own circumstance, in regards to the fact that Blacks were kidnapped & brought over here, and it doesn't matter if they own slaves or not, they benefited from slavery.

It's like eating in a restaurant, if you ate, you owe, regardless of who ordered the food.

First Irish slaves were sold in 1625 by James 2.....far from the first slaves in America...unless you don't count the Blacks & natives.

You heard the whole "Irish were treated worse than Blacks" routine, but chose to ignore it completely.  How open-minded of you to do that.

Here is a link to Michael Hoffman's book, in which the issue of Irish slavery in the Americas is treated IN DEPTH:

I want others here to know about this, even if you choose to ignore it.

Secondly, you conveniently ignore the Jewish role in the African slave trade.  They totally dominated it.  Oh, but we shouldn't talk about that, because that would be "anti-Semitic", wouldn't it?  Instead let's be anti-White, because hey, that's a lot more fun and we won't get called any names.  Whoopee, have at it.

@Stephen - 

Going back to the Ptolemaic dynasty, that created Christianity / Serapis, you should study your facts.

Side note : No such things a Jews, or Judah, or Jesus for that matter, since no one in the bible existed, it's a story.

Phillip of Macedon, Alexander the Barbarian ( Alexandria Egypt, Va, etc. ) Ptolemy 1, Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, Emperor Constantine, King James, George Washington, Bush, O, Kerry, etc...are all related & that's the family that gave you the bible.

Don't watch if you want to remain sleep or distracted by the Black Mama / White mama drama.

The thing is Edogz and Stephen why debate color? Color, race, religion, party, gender, arguments can go on and on and on, it's still divide and conquer tactics of the elite rothschilds who own Israel.We ALL need to unite against the Real enemy, the elite...American cops are being trained by Israel, TSA is identical to Israels. We are invading countries just like Israel. Our country has been totally infiltrated America is more like Israel now than ever. We ALL have the same enemy...we must unite and the sooner the better for ALL of us... We Are ALL Palestinians Now!!



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#2 answer is:  3


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