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Vineland Police Allow Dog to Maul Black Man Phillip White to Death - New Jersey VIDEOS

News report video also officer wants camera..

“Get him! Get him! Get him!”
Vineland, NJ — Early this morning, yet another video has emerged showing the heinous murder of Phillip White by Vineland Police.

As we reported last week, 32-year-old Phillip White died in police custody last Tuesday morning after being beaten by police and viciously mauled by a K-9.

The video released on Facebook shows more clearly that White was limp and unresponsive when officers yelled at the K-9 to “Get him!” One cop continued to inflict blows to White’s body as the dog mauled his face, chest and arms.

The cops roll the unconscious man onto his back, then scream at him to roll back over, the entire time letting the K-9 continue to maul White, who was, again, completely unresponsive.

At no point in the video does Phillip White show any sign of consciousness, let alone resisting arrest.

As the video progresses, White’s arm can be seen being shaken about as the dog tears into him, completely limp. The man capturing the video is pleading for the officers to stop their attack, screaming that he is unconscious.

“He’s knocked out!” screams the onlooker. But sadly, this was to no avail.

It is even less surprising now, with the emergence of this new video, that Vineland police attempted to confiscate the damning footage. Fortunately, they were not successful.

Residents in the area have identified one of the officers to arrive on the scene as Dion Colvin. Although Colvin did not participate, he stood by and watched Phillip White get brutally assaulted and ultimately killed. Members of the community are urging Officer Colvin to speak out against this heinous crime.

Will update this as more info comes in..

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Beg to differ, Margaret, but this problem didn't suddenly start in 1948 with the creation of Israel.  It goes back much further, to the beginnings of recorded history, in fact.  Just one aspect of this was the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917.  80% of the Bolsheviks were Jewish.  This is not insignificant when you consider that Jews comprised only about 3% of the Russian population at the time, very similar to their 2% representation in America today.  These Bolshevik Jews went on to MURDER between 65 and 100 MILLION WHITE RUSSIAN CHRISTIANS over the course of the next 70 years.  I categorically refuse to let this continue to be swept under the rug.  These Marxist/Zionist Jews have exactly the same thing in mind for America, and if we don't get on top of this ASAP we are all goners.  More info here:

This is why I created the group "Jew World Order", because that is what it is, a New World Order controlled totally at the top by Satan-worshiping Jews, who are indeed headed by the Rothschilds.  They recruit gentile freemasons into their fold to give them cover from the "anti-Semites".

Oh I understand what you are saying Stephen and you are right.. I think I may need a break, I am very sick of the divide and conquer stuff going on... I am also sick of criminals running this country, and getting away with 911...and so much more ..Every politician we have needs to go... 

I don't know why I don't see a Reply link under EDOGZ818's last comment, so I will reply here.

EDOGZ818, if there was a way for me to block you here, I would definitely have done that by now.  "Pastor" Ray Hagins is one of the PRIMO BS artists in the universe.  Anybody who swallows his drivel is clearly clueless about history.

There were no Jews, huh, EVER IN HISTORY?  That's a good one.  I wonder if you can explain who makes up the membership of the ADL, the JDL, AIPAC, the Jewish World Congress and last but not least, most of the citizens of Israel.  If they aren't Jews, what are they?

God, you are unbelievable.  You must be a Jew yourself, to be spreading so many lies and disinformation.  That's what Jews do, full-time, is LIE.



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