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Who the hell keeps putting up these 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hour videos and sending emails as if they're short convenient little clips ??? These are not short, nor are they convenient... it would be appreciated if a notation was included with the emails that are being sent saying they are for viewing when one has an entire evening or afternoon available to spend... not everyone has the time available to spend that those who put these full length documentaries up apparently have...
Book mark it and watch when you have time... You will be glad you did.. researching is not convenient..but then it is not always convenient for a child to do their homework either... doesn't mean it shouldn't be done... I see you are in the End the Fed group on this can also watch it there.. It is one of the discussions in that group... We have a lot of new members.. and The Money Masters is very good time spent...a lot may not have seen it... That is why I posted it and sent the message out
My background is in research, so personally, I don't see research itself as inconvenient. I think you misunderstood the point of my note. I have also watched this video previously, so again, that was not the point. The point was that on more than one occasion you have sent emails which indicate there is an ongoing "discussion" on a subject, only for those of us who were interested to find there was no discussion going on at all. These emails also seem to indicate that whatever the substance on the site, it bears the few minutes it may take to gain the knowledge members are being alerted to. When members go to the site, they suddenly realize they're being asked to take a number of hours to watch lengthy documentaries. Rather than continuing to send emails alerting people to what appears to be a few minutes worth of information they will receive, it would be a great service if you would indicate on these lengthier items how long someone may be expected to spend to garner the information you desire to impart. I hope that makes the issue clearer for you now. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.
Damn, complain much?
no need to get up set about the length of this video it says on the video how long it is and you can stop it any time you want to.
So true Jerry! Thanks
Dr. Tch--yes I've heard of this. Even did a bit of intense study on it for awhile. My conclusions? I think there is a lot more to this. I think the best way to start is to get a Black's Law Dictionary and do a lot of study, cuz if one does not go about this correctly, one could end up doing a lot of time. However, the idea of getting back to God's laws, not man's, and policing ourselves against true harm appeals to me greatly. But if one wants to be sovereign and not participate in the system, then one has to break all ties and dependency on that system. Even tho he is Canadian, I would suggest checking out Robert Arthur: Menard and a vid with Jordan Maxwell about the Occult Power of Money. Would love to see this become a mass movement. If you are sovereign, the only one above you is God!!



 The Book - Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World HERE



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May 7

Osama bin Laden Near Death in 2002 (from Dan Rather CBS) Aired on CBS Jan 28th, 2002 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Three questions for ya


#1 How many Buildings went down on 911?

#2 How many steel framed buildings in the entire history of the world ever came down due to fire?

#3 Where were the steel framed buildings that came down?


Answer honestly then Scroll down for answers...




Filming Cops

Ken Okeefe website

Patriots Question 911

I am the Face of Truth

Architects and Engineers for Truth

Military Officers for 911 Truth ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Firefighters for 911 Truth/

We Are Change.Org
Religious Leaders for 911 Truth
Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth/a>
Pilots for 911 Truth
Lawyers for 911 Truth
Veterans for 911 Truth
911 Truth Canada
911 Scholars for Truth and Justice

Christians for 911Truth

Political Leaders for 911 Truth
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Debunking the Debunkers


Ground Zero 911 dot Com

Answers to above questions

#1 answer is:  3


#2 answer is:  3


#3 answer is:  New York City on September 11th,  2001



Birth Certificates Proof of the Crowns Intent to place another into slavery



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