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Wally Dow's Discussions

The elected officials in Missouri appear to have some real American blood in their veins

Started May 12, 2013 0 Replies

Just a link, but it is one that I think true patriots in Missouri will like…Continue

Let us not lose sight of the true target

Started Jan 18, 2013 0 Replies

My friends,Let us not lose sight of the true target, which is the reclamation of our great nation, and get back the respect that citizens of other nations once held for us. Keep in mind that we ARE…Continue

What is the importance of "Conspiracy Theorists"?

Started this discussion. Last reply by William Wallace 3rd Armor Div. Jan 19, 2014. 3 Replies

What is the importance of "Conspiracy Theorists"? In any scenario, when individuals, professional journalists, law enforcement agencies, or officers of the courts seek the truth about something or…Continue


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How did you find out about Fighting for Liberty & who invited you if invited ?
I have been aware of this for a short time, and my daughter sent me this link.
My Space, Face Book or other site address?
What are your thoughts on Rothschild and Rockefeller?
My opinion on ALL of the elitists and Zionist Khazarian Ashkenazi Idomean Jews is that the freedom loving peoples of the planet need to rise up and exterminate them ... in other words, move quickly and put them all to death where ever we find or see them. This includes many of the leeches in congress and the white house. Somehow, all bankers in management at any level should be on this list also.
Where do you get your news sources?
Everywhere. I disseminate all I read and form my own opinions based on logic and on how they relate to actual reality.
A Short introduction of yourself
I am a musician, and am one of those who is suffering the social abuse of age discrimination. I have been a construction person most of my life and have studied electronic and computer technologies quite a lot. I am no fool when it comes to recognizing things like controlled demolition, and pretty much understand the "stand down" agenda that was issued on 9-11-2001. I am well versed in political science and am educated well enough to know what fascism, socialism, and communism are about, and can recognize the signs of them. Like Patrick Henry said, "Give me liberty or give me death". I consider my self a "true patriot" and I am a staunch supporter of, and will adhere only to the Constitution of the United States. I understand the full intent of the constitution and I know what the phrase "United States" is supposed to really mean. I am a logical thinker and follow no party's agenda or philosophy. I pray that we are successful in the reclamation of our nation, and our states. And may God bless all who work to bring this to fruition.
What is zionism?
This is a deep question. I will carefully construct my answer after I think about it for a while, but for now .... fake Jews from Europe who have hijacked the land given as a place to live to the children of Israel. Not Esau, who spent most of his life sinning against the "I Am". Mayor Amschtel Bauer, a Khazarian fake Jew, and a descendant of Esau, the Idomean, took the name of Rothschild. He also declared the fake Jews as Zionists. Zionists believe they will make the Apocalypse happen by staging false flag acts which trigger wars which they profit from. They are perhaps the most evil bastards on this planet, the synagogue of Satan and perhaps are "the beast" described in the Book of The Revelation. They also profess to be the Illuminati, and are pushing for the New World Order, i.e., a one world government. All of this is described in the Book Of The Revelation (Rev 2:9), and in the Book of Enoch. (08-27-11) After a lot of study, I have uncovered evidence that the Zionists are Ashkenazi (fake) Jews, and are for the most part descendants of Jacob/Israel's brother Esau the Edomite. They hijacked the the calling of themselves Jews by a royal decree of the king of Khazaria. What is so sad about this is that traditional modern people, and especially those who claim to be Christians, even when you show them the information and facts go into deep denial and think that today's Israel is the real thing and they profess to back it believing it to be what God wants them to do .... even in the face of Revelation 2:9. There never has been a nation called Israel until the Balfour Declaration. The true Israel was/is a tribe.
Are you 18 years of age or older?
Do you think the government and mainstream media have been lying about 911?
yes absolutely

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On the Fukushima disaster ..... imagine this as an action, and please share it everywhere

Posted on January 3, 2014 at 5:22pm 2 Comments

Just imagine what combined thought can do. This one is a prime target for it.

Perspective Summary .... full of history and facts

Posted on December 19, 2013 at 11:59pm 2 Comments

This is the only way I could find to get this on FFL as quickly as possible.

This took the author 3 1/2 years to investigate and write.


This will blow your hair back


Posted on February 15, 2013 at 5:00pm 0 Comments

To access all 6 of the blogs in this series, go to
There is a…

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At 10:16am on December 19, 2014, margaret (Salty Margarita) said…

Happy Birthday Wally.. You are missed here..

At 1:23am on December 18, 2014, margaret (Salty Margarita) said…

 I just heard you passed away from a cyst on your Aorta.. I have sent you a few messages with no response.. Now I know why.. Wally passed away May 4th 2014. Rest in Peace Wally.. You are missed...

At 11:06pm on December 19, 2013, margaret (Salty Margarita) said…

At 6:30pm on April 22, 2013, Martha Waldrop Babb said…

Thanks Wally!

At 7:19pm on January 20, 2013, Bildo said…

Had to move my keyboard, I'm drooling.

I have 2 solid body electrics and two acoustics. All rather generic. A guy I used to jam with had a solid body Peavey. Heh, dam thing was so heavy it hurt to play it but the action was excellent. I haven't picked one up for, I think, over a year.

At 6:59pm on January 20, 2013, Bildo said…

In your hands, in your avatar, is that a Fender?

At 6:35pm on January 20, 2013, Bildo said…

Thanks Wally. If you are ever over on, I'm Bildo over there too. Same with facebook.

At 5:48pm on December 29, 2012, Tom Fontaine said…

Excellent page Wally. Very informative with the right topics

At 2:40pm on December 19, 2012, margaret (Salty Margarita) said…

Hope you are having a wonderful birthday Wally!

At 11:12am on September 19, 2012, Beverly Heckford said…

The DAY will NOT come until one sits in the temple as if he is god . Isn't that in II Thessalonians 2 ?

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Osama bin Laden Near Death in 2002 (from Dan Rather CBS) Aired on CBS Jan 28th, 2002 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Three questions for ya


#1 How many Buildings went down on 911?

#2 How many steel framed buildings in the entire history of the world ever came down due to fire?

#3 Where were the steel framed buildings that came down?


Answer honestly then Scroll down for answers...






Patriots Question 911

I am the Face of Truth

Architects and Engineers for Truth

Military Officers for 911 Truth ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Firefighters for 911 Truth/

We Are Change.Org
Religious Leaders for 911 Truth
Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth/a>
Pilots for 911 Truth
Lawyers for 911 Truth
Veterans for 911 Truth
911 Truth Canada
911 Scholars for Truth and Justice

Christians for 911Truth

Political Leaders for 911 Truth
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Debunking the Debunkers


Answers to above questions

#1 answer is:  3


#2 answer is:  3


#3 answer is:  New York City on September 11th,  2001



Birth Certificates Proof of the Crowns Intent to place another into slavery


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