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MUST-SEE Crazed US Senator Attacks Defense Secretary for not Planning War With Russia!

You want to see a mad man at work in Oct. 2015? Watch Lindsey Graham scream and interrupt a general and the defense secretary in an academy award losing performance. This is what a psychopath looks like when he loses it.

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Comment by margaret (Salty Margarita) on April 11, 2017 at 12:43am

Lindsay Graham is a fricken lunatic piece of scum.

Comment by Nathan Hughes Pilson on April 10, 2017 at 6:34am

The 1% jewish establishment is broke. this morning all metals  on the market  are down. the zionist crooks didn`t get their war.the rule is to keep this nation  out of war., the only  war this nation has to fight, is the war against zionism. we know the zionist in america created terror. I wondered wh. this verse is God prasing the Gentile over the jew., which God is chastising. America was never a White Christian nation, but one in forming.yet the zionist jews had been pulling all of the strings. the civl war  was an unnecessay war. slavery was ending because of modernization., we can go down a list of wars started by zionist. all over the world. for their gain.The coming era is The Christian era.and these devils are doing  everything in their power to stop it. but they won't. it is written they will not.still the removal of the crooks from high places in our offices and power seats will be  deemed the war against zionism. I have no trust in Donald Trump or any establishment is rumored that trump has U.S. troops on the Syrian border.and the only way the White man is going to survive this., is when the corporate international banking establishment is well in their graves.remember they  say, they care not who runs the country, but they  want monetary control, THE FEDERAL RESERVE, SO THAT CAN STARTS ALL WARS.this is the sole purpose of the Federal Reserve , to instigate wars , for thier private zionist coffers.this is no joke merica.   as you see Trump fast tracking Zionist agendas. attacking yria  creates more immigrants. so this man is another liar., and we are the blame for not using our second amendent rights  40 years ago., trillions of dollars a year goes into this nation, and we see nothing. you own the icecream truck, but you only  get 1 popsicle to split 100 ways.and Americans have  been a wealthy nation living in poverty for some time now, as our dollars go to destroying nation after nation, labeling this great  nation as the bad guys, while corporate jewish zionist  running to the banking laughing at stupid ass whitey.these zionist cowardly murdering crooks should have met their satanic maker , a long time ago.fear is of the devil.

Comment by margaret (Salty Margarita) on January 10, 2017 at 12:25pm

Sanctions is an act of war. Graham and McCain want even more sanctions on Russia because of the alleged interference into the elections (which they know Russia has not done). Russia entered the Syria conflict in Sept. 2015 and in little more than one year they drove out numerous different ISIS/ISIL terrorist groups that were trained,funded,and armed by the U.S., NATO allies,Israel, CIA, etc (to illegally overthrow Assad like they do every one else, usually ending up in murder of that leader, destruction of the country,and thousands of innocent civilians killed). Since then, intense and relentless U.S. propaganda has been used to falsely blame Russia, Syria/Assad,and Iran for killing 400,000 Syrian civilians, when the opposite is true. The reason proof of Russian hacking into the elections is void of any true 'Intelligence' evidence is because there is NONE. Do you remember the WMD's/Iraq catastrophe? When you have the two biggest REPUBLICAN warmongers pushing this agenda should seal it for all Americans to realize what's happening. When both U.S. political party's join together in these type of foreign policy bloodshed events in that region -- it's always for criminally nefarious reasons. Why are we falling for this over and over again?? The Russian hacking and/or interference allegations are simply a FALSE FLAG OPERATION as an excuse for a greater conflict with Russia and to also eventually invade IRAN.

Comment by margaret (Salty Margarita) on January 10, 2017 at 12:25pm


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Osama bin Laden Near Death in 2002 (from Dan Rather CBS) Aired on CBS Jan 28th, 2002 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Three questions for ya


#1 How many Buildings went down on 911?

#2 How many steel framed buildings in the entire history of the world ever came down due to fire?

#3 Where were the steel framed buildings that came down?


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Debunking the Debunkers


Ground Zero 911 dot Com

Answers to above questions

#1 answer is:  3


#2 answer is:  3


#3 answer is:  New York City on September 11th,  2001



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