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OBAMA Treason CAUGHT ON VIDEO! Calls For DICTATORSHIP In AMERICA!! (Progressives) Democrats CHEER!

The AUDACITY of TREASON! Barack Hussein Obama, someone's teleprompter-reading puppet in the White House, is sending up trial balloons for their planned DICTA...

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Comment by Anti-Obama Nation on February 5, 2012 at 10:57am

Here is my contribution to the "Fighting for Liberty" website, which is right now being share across the entire Internet:

"Obama's Treason Caught On Video" @ Care2 News Network:

Calls for a dictatorship to be set-up inside America!

Hardcore Progressives and Democrats cheer Obama on, so please watch this shocking video, note this Care2 article for better public coverage and then help share it across the Internet as we are doing!!


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Three questions for ya


#1 How many Buildings went down on 911?

#2 How many steel framed buildings in the entire history of the world ever came down due to fire?

#3 Where were the steel framed buildings that came down?


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Answers to above questions

#1 answer is:  3


#2 answer is:  3


#3 answer is:  New York City on September 11th,  2001



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